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Glossary of Plumbing Terms

Plumbing Vocabulary and Industry Terms | Glossary
Plumbing Vocabulary and Industry Terms | Glossary

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Tank-in-Tank is a stainless steel hot water tank entirely immersed within an outer tank which contains the primary water. The corrugated inner stainless steel tank forms a large heat exchange surface that can heat the domestic hot water in a very short time. The outer tank is covered with high-quality insulation, protected by a shock-resistant plastic jacket.

Temperature Control
Feature of the equipment that interacts with the end-user regarding the values and timing of the desired indoor temperature. It communicates relevant data to an interface of the heater such as a central processing unit, thus helping to regulate the indoor temperature.

Thermal radiation
A process by which electromagnetic radiation (energy) is emitted by a heated surface in all directions and travels to its point of absorption at the speed of light. Thermal radiation does not require an intervening medium to carry it (unlike in Hydronic Heating System).

An important safety device that prevents gas from being sent to the pilot and burner if there is no source of ignition. If the gas were to continue flowing to an unlit pilot light, the result would be a hazardous buildup of natural gas. While the part sends an electric signal to the gas valve, it doesn’t use any electricity itself but instead uses heat to generate an electrical impulse.

A unique PVC-Alloy pipe lining system for trenchless rehabilitation. Thermoform is a product supplied by Warrior Trenchless Solutions.

A device that controls the temperature in the space to be heated by sensing that temperature and turning the heat emitters on or off (depending on the temp).

Thermostatic Mixing Valve
A 3-way valve that mixes hot and cold water based on the temperature of the water flowing from the outlet.

Thermostatic Valve
A valve that opens and closes based on the temperature of the fluid inside the valve.

Threaded Seal Tape
A polytetrafluoroethylene film for use in sealing pipe threads. Also called Plumber's tape, PTFE Tape or Teflon tape.

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