Glossary of Plumbing Terms

Plumbing Vocabulary and Industry Terms | Glossary
Plumbing Vocabulary and Industry Terms | Glossary

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A soft, wet mud made up of a mixture of liquids and solids. The term is often used to refer to dirty oil or the byproducts of the oil refining process. Heavier solids drift to the bottom of the tank and form a sediment that gets thicker with time.

Generally refers to a central heating system or in some cases a solar water heating system.

Supplier is a generic term used within the regulations to include manufacturers, importers merchants, and installers.

Shut-off Valve
A valve that can be closed to stop the flow of water or open to allow the flow. These valves are designed to control the water supply to your faucets, dishwasher, and refrigerator water lines.

Solar device
Solar device means a solar-only system, a solar collector, a solar hot water storage tank or a pump in the collector loop, which are placed on the market separately.

Solar Thermal Collector
A solar thermal panel (flat plate or vacuum tube).

Solar Thermal Cylinder
A hot water cylinder with at least tow heating coils one of which is specifically for connection to a solar thermal collector.

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