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Glossary of Plumbing Terms

Plumbing Vocabulary and Industry Terms | Glossary
Plumbing Vocabulary and Industry Terms | Glossary

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Is one of a defined combination of heating products that is supplied to an end customer and is intended to be used within the same heating system.

Be sure to always get the proper permits from the city, township, or county zoning before doing work. Licensed professionals you hire may obtain these on your behalf, but do not assume that they will without checking. The permit process is typically painless, relatively inexpensive, and there to ensure that the work is done properly. The municipality will come out one time while the work is in “rough” condition, like before you’ve closed back up the walls. If something is not safe, the inspector will flag the error and make sure it is fixed before completion. Then they’ll come again to see the finished product. Homeowners are allowed to complete their own plumbing and electrical (special rules apply in condos or owned rental property). The inspector provides a particularly helpful service if you are completing the work yourself and want to get an expert’s opinion before closing up the wall. Consequences of completing work without a permit may not be immediate, but they can be serious when they arrive. If any future damage occurs, your insurance may not cover the repairs of something which never had permits. Also, you may be forced to show permits one day when you attempt to sell your home. If you cannot produce evidence that the work was completed with the proper permits, it will decrease the value. Should you sell the home without disclosing that fact (which is usually illegal), if harm or damage occurs later the new owners may come back to hold you accountable.

A plumber is a professional worker trained to deal with various issues of your plumbing system. He/she can help you not only with reconfiguring and creating bathrooms, but also in creating hook-ups for new clothes washers. The plumber can also move or replace sinks, garbage disposals, and dishwashers in the kitchen.

A polytetrafluoroethylene film for use in sealing pipe threads. It is also called Plumber's tape or Teflon tape.

Package Label
Is a label in the format defined within the regulations which must be supplied when a package is sold to end customer.

Plumber's Tape
Is a polytetrafluoroethylene film that helps you to get a watertight seal on threaded pipe joints. Also called Teflon or PTFE tape.

Poor water quality
Water with high amounts of solids, sand or dirt that can create deposits inside the wall of heat exchanger components, reducing the amount of heat output.

Product Fiche
A table of technical information that a manufacturer of a heating or hot water product is required to provide.

Product Label
Is supplied by the manufacturer of any product within the scope of the regulation and provides information about the energy performance of that product.

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