Glossary of Plumbing Terms

Plumbing Vocabulary and Industry Terms | Glossary
Plumbing Vocabulary and Industry Terms | Glossary

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Is a name for the use of water as the heat transfer medium in heating systems.

Handyman or handywoman
A handyperson is a great and cost-effective choice for those jobs around the house that are beyond your comfort level, but not too large. While each differs in their skill and offerings, many handypersons are known for doing small plumbing, door and window, painting, woodworking, patching, venting, and other carpentry repairs. A good handyperson will be insured, and tell you what they are experienced doing, referring you elsewhere if the job is beyond their scope.

Heat Emitter
Heat emitters are the objects which are used by heating systems to distribute the heat into the rooms/spaces. They are a part of a heating system that removes heat from the hot water as it emits it into the space to be heated (air in our home). Heat emitter may be a simple radiator, baseboard register, a coil in a forced-air furnace, tubing in a radiant floor. If the supply and return lines are not properly insulated, they might become heat emitters (against our will) moving heat into the ground and wasting energy. Emitters transfer heat by convection and radiation of heat.

Hot Water Cylinders
Are cylinders (vented and unvented) for storing domestic hot water.

HVAC professionals
HVAC (or Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) professionals work on heating and cooling systems, including ductwork and radiators.

Hydronic Heating Systems
Systems that use water to move heat from where it is produced to where it is needed. The water within the system is neither the source of the heat nor its destination; only its conveyor medium. Modern hydronic heating has many benefits: unsurpassed comfort, energy savings, clean and quiet operation, low air dehumidification, etc.

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