Let’s Celebrate a Hug a Plumber Day!

Celebrate a Hug a Plumber Day April 25

April 25 is a National Hug a Plumber Day. So, let’s congratulate these hard-working people on their professional holiday! But before you embrace your plumber, let’s talk about their challenging work for a moment.

Yes, plumbing is not an easy business. you can call this job hard and even stinky It’s a hard and dirty job sometimes. From fixing a busted toilet or a broken pipe, plumbers can help to clean almost any mess in our properties.

But this job has many rewarding benefits. And I am not talking about how profitable the plumbing business could be. One of the rewards is the ability to help your customers when they need it the most! In that sense, a plumber is almost like a doctor. Only not for your body, but for your house.

But in this post, I wanted to mention something different and fun! Plumbers can have their funny and unexpected moments in their job.

When plumbers go deep into water supply lines and waste disposal systems, they sometimes encounter some amazing things. According to technicians from plumbing and drain cleaning franchise Mr. Rooter, their employee found iguana while cleaning a clogged toilet in one Fort Lauderdale, Florida house. He believes the lizard entered the pipe system through roof ventilation.

Check this ABC News video if you don’t believe me.

Unexpected green intruder found in this Florida home

One Columbus, Ohio plumber was working on a sewer line when he saw a small shiny object, which happened to be a diamond ring. That jewelry was lost by his customer’s daughter more than 10 years ago when she placed it on the side of the sink. That long-lost expensive custom-made wedding band was a gift from a family member. So, the plumber made her dreams come true when he discovered her beloved wedding ring!

diamond band found in columbus ohio sewer

According to many plumbers, jewelry often falls down the toilet or the sink when people expect it the least. Many lose their earings, golden rings, even their wedding diamond rings. While retrieving jewelry from under the sink is usually a relatively easy task, people have much less luck when they drop (or even flush) their belongings down the toilet. But the above story shows you that solving this problem is not impossible if you have a good plumber who can fix that disaster.

So, don’t forget to find your trusted plumber and give him a hug on April 25th. At least, give him a friendly pat on the back. After all, they do a very important job for us!

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